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I know 1,000 People on New grounds Hate me for some dumb reason

2010-09-08 20:11:23 by Ouchihitme

But yet I still am Creating a story though I've been trolled countless times but yet I am still writing this story when its finished Ill Post it Thanks for the influenceComick

Well the story is about a girl who finds a journal and whatever she writes in it comes true . soon she notices and she goes insane from it.

wierdest thing i ever did

2010-09-04 16:23:47 by Ouchihitme

Its Shit and lava and a worm
Random as it is but all he is doing is melt
(Mabye he wanted to be barf instead)

wierdest thing i ever did

I made a make over on my userpage

2010-09-04 10:53:24 by Ouchihitme

Please comment ( Unless youre gonna get negative)

First day of school

2010-08-25 16:52:42 by Ouchihitme

The first day school for me it was a pain in the A$$ dood On the bus ther was @$$holes All over the bus since im a 6th Grader they wanted to know am I a six grader They annoy the hell out of me

2012 is not the end

2010-08-14 18:39:18 by Ouchihitme

Im just pissed off that everyone is so concern that 2012 is the end
they made a retarded movie of 2012
Though i think the chaose is only in america

Rock n role hall of fame

2010-08-07 20:20:34 by Ouchihitme

I just came back from clevland and it was rocking. all the sights it was awesome
i stayed in a hotel that was an experience that was epic

im 13 got it memerized

2010-08-06 13:35:36 by Ouchihitme

a teast give me hope for my submisions

my art is still getting better

Just to explain i scan hand done pictures and i color them hand done i dont have hi tech art system

if a picture sucks alot i might delete it
its hard doing things colored really good
how much can i explain with users bitching at me