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I saw this on meh 3ds, Its a classic in my heart

Funny But the title kinda Offended me alittle

My dad Plays Dungeons and dragons and he is Married,
But this flash still touched me in away.
I,m a Video game Nerd and I have a wall Scroll of shadow the hedgehog that I got at a convention. I have been loved by some one who isn't related to me. Really well done Ocreana of time melody on a Baritone.I don,t know maybe they,ll meet at a convention some day.(I am watching this in a room alone.)

The background really describes the personalities of the dude and the delivery girl was wearing was also very defining of the character. Great Flash over all
Great Job and have a great day(or not)

This is the best Flash Collab Ever

All of them are Hilarious more funny than all Other Awesome collabs Combined

P.S. Could I get Uncensored PokeBabes

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This is the funniest thing ever like while you are getting faster he sounds like he is having freaking orgasm and for some reason I can't help but laugh when he is getting eaten by zombies

This awesome

I love how the style of madness in this one Keep up the Epic work

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Great I love this song You did an awesome job Just I think needs a louder deeper bass Either than that this song kick ass :D

Great work

This is alittle spooky , yet this was still had a great feel with the Imstument Keep up the good WorkXD

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Holy Heck, when I go an do line art I tremble so much than my lines don't seem as confident as they should be, Your lines is something I aspire to be like. And I like how you don't overtly complicate thing, letting the lines and negative space do the talking. I love your other stuff too, just your line art really resonates with because it is a thing I am currently working on

I never went to disneyland before now.. I so wanna go and get mauled by zombie disney caracters :D its really good art .

:3 dats funny Hunny

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Swell dude Who draw ladies clothed or in the nude

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