Soooooo Bored

2010-09-24 21:38:46 by Ouchihitme

I am so tired and have no ideas im bored ahhhhhhhhh Mabye some FAP Ideas no mega like random erotic ideas thank alot

Here is ABC Aardvark's Idea and It get * * * * 4 Stars


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2010-09-25 08:29:42

Rocket duck with lasers staring at people while demons figure he is the reincarnation of the devil which god has just kiled once the duck learns this he uses his powers for good while the demons try to take over his body to mind control him. You can change the duck with a human and remove his powers I still think it is a pretty nifty idea

Ouchihitme responds:

Pretty good idea I have bad news though just got unscouted when i just got scouted yesterday Im getting really confused