Entry #17

Sweet Titty fucking christ I am Late

2018-01-22 23:27:34 by Ouchihitme

Holy Hell, I can't even fathom, how abandoned my internet presence have been for the past 4 years. I literally disappeared, from this site to magically appear on my mother fucking birthday. And when did I start fucking around on newgrounds, ever since third grade but I got an account  around 5th grade, 2010. I have been On Newgrounds for was appears to be 10 years, And I abandoned the the site in 2014, that and deviant art.

I will admit, My art kind of sucked back than. Albeit I was like fucking 12, literally, I did the math 20 minus 8 is 12, using a computer mouse to make art.I begged for people to scout me because I didn’t Understood it. But it was to keep fuckers like I was from putting half assed work on the art gallery. I remember getting Scouted by zombieEskimo then immediately being revoked the privilege, Probably because, my art was shit. Ever since I went to art school, Studied art, got a tablet and grew as an artist, my art grew, behind closed doors, for the most part. Now that I am a 20 year old NEET who does nothing but art and music, I believe IT IS FUKIN TIME, BITCHES for me to rise from the grave as a brand new Ouchihitme and bring in the new year with a bang


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